Success Stories

As a patron of your Eyelastin and Skinlastin products I believe they are absolutely the best on the market. I have only used them for the last two months and people are asking what happened to my skin, it looks so radiant. Thank you very much!

Maxolash is the best. I have tried a few eyelash conditioners but this is the only one that works fast and gives real, real results. I recommend Maxolash to every woman who wants to transform her thin eyelashes. I always make sure I don’t run out of it and it is the only product I never miss applying even when I am too lazy to use my other skincare products!! The price is great and the product is perfect.

Skinlastin is the best anti-wrinkle cream I’ve ever used and I feel like I tried everything. I’m 30 and I noticed recently that I’m really starting to get the creases on my forehead and talked to my dermatologist about it. She suggested I do “preventative maintenance” with Skinlastin. I use it all over my face the results have been dramatic. I am very pleased with this product!

I really love your Maxolip. It is tingly, but not unbearably so. By irritating my lips, it makes them puffy and intensifies their natural color. My lips look great when I use it. Maxolip is a great product that comes very nicely packaged and more than met my expectations. I showed all my friends and even let them try it. They loved it too!

I have been using the Dermagevity product line for 5 months. My skin tone is more even, it feels more moist and hydrated, there are less fine lines, and my skin’s texture is significantly improved.

Skinlastin was rated high in a consumer product test, which is why I originally chose it. (It was right up in the top of the list with $200-$300 treatments) I have very sensitive skin and am also acne prone. I have nothing but praise for your product it’s very reasonably priced and works very well. It absorbs very fast (leaving very little residue), and I noticed smoother skin literally in days. I will continue to purchase Skinlastin. It’s a very high quality, cost effective product6. Thank You!

I had given up completely on eye creams because none of them seemed to work, but after I tried Eyelastin, I became a believer. I love it! After a few weeks of using it, my unsightly crow’s feet were barely noticable and my tired, puffy eyes looked bright and shiny again. I use Eyelastin faithfully now. It feels great when you apply it and it makes a huge difference in how my eyes look. I get compliments all of the time and people always think I’m younger than I actually am.

I absolutely love your Eyelastin eye product. I was contemplating cosmetic eye surgery but I don’t feel I need too with your product. I will definitely be placing more orders for the cream along with some other products in your skincare line based on the positive results I have experienced thus far.

I’ve been using Maxolash faithfully for the past 5 months, and I would say my lash length has at least doubled, not to mention the thickness! No one believes that they’re real. No irritation, easy to use, and worth every penny! I highly recommended this product.

Maxolip really does work! I have always loved my lips but I wanted to give them a little extra oomph. Well this was perfect, since using it, my lipshave become fuller and more defined and I just love getting these results.